All I Know
by Bow Wow

All I know, is when I'm with you
You make me feel so good, through and through
The way you walk & the way you talk
You know you look so good, you make me forget about (all I know)

I been looking for you girl for a minute now
The way you diggin' you puts it down
See this dog just don't bark easy
You gotta be off the heazy, fa sheezy
Make young weezy want to get with it
And lock down all yo digits, talk to you for hours at a time
About whatever comes across ya mind
When we out, girls run up, you don't even trip
You get a kick out of watchin' 'em flip
I want to live for ya slim, I ain't never been like this
But it's cool 'cause I like this
Got you a two way so you don't miss a beat
For the times that I'm workin' and I cannot speak
All my homies tease me say you got me sprung
But they just mad 'cause they ain't got one


My lil' homie, my road dog
We really kill 'em when we step through the mall lookin just alike
Both got cornrows, two bags each
Both so fresh from our head to our feet
Only disagree when we talk ball play
I say I.V. you say M.J.
You say you w/ me that's when you're mistaken
I ain't Omar Epps & you ain't Sanaa Lathan
How do you? Let's find another subject
A girl that understands, you gotta love that
A yound Sergio Valente, Louis Vutonne
Shell toe rockin' and like to have fun
Fresher than the next chick
No need for you to ever sweat the next chick
Indeed, I'll make the next chick see the exit with speed
Cause you're the only thing that I need


[Bridge: x2]
Shorty, do you really, really love me?
Shorty, do you really, really care?
Shorty, do you really, really need me?
Cause if so I'ma be right here

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