All I Have to Give
by Mali Music

(Verse 1)
Lord if I could buy you a gift to show you my love tell you how I feel it,would'nt matter what I'd have to give I would find a way to get it for you.

(Verse 2)
But fortunately that's not the case and we both know I don't have bank anyway but,I won't let it affect my presentation to you.cause this is what I bring

Here is my heart my mind,Lord here's my life my everything take it it's yours,Oh Lord

(Verse 3)
I'd give you my all my everything every song that I write,every song that I sing everyday of my life every breath that I breath you gave to me.

(Verse 4)
and Lord I rededicate it right back to you love of my life so faithful so true I get goose bumps just thinking about you and there's nothing I will not do for you.


It's all I have to give.
Lyrics submitted by Mz.Keke.