All Hope Is Gone
by Slipknot

The state of the nation - violation!
A broken promise is as good as a lie
The hell is humongous, the Devil's among us
And we will burn because we won't unite!

We won't witness anymore freedom
What does anybody do with freedom?
I would rather fight, than let another die
We're the problem, but we're also the solution

All hope is gone!!!

If you want you cannot take it from me
If you think you can, you still don't know me
Let me tell you, when I said it, I meant it
And I will always have the right to defend it

Fifty seconds, a hundred minutes
The bill of rights is a bill of sale
What will you do when the war is over?
What will you do when your system fails!?

We have made the present obsolete
What do you want?
What do you need?
We'll find a way
When all hope is gone!
We've seen the fall of the elite
Bury your life
Sink your disease
We'll end the world
When all hope is gone!

The wretched are the wounded
The hungry starved to death
At a place where no-one goes
The air itself is a final breathe
So discontinue
The antiseptic cash charade
As the cry of justice comes
I'm gonna let this fire free!

I am the reason your future suffers
I am the hatred you won't embrace
I am the worm of a pure distinction
I am the remedy, spit in my face!
All your lies and wars are out-dated
All your subjects are dulling mind games
I can let all of another million reasons why
But doesn't matter when the only thing will never die!
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written by Thomson, Mickael Gordon / Wilson, Sidney George / Jordison, Nathan Jonas / Gray, Paul Dedrick / Fehn, Christopher Michael / Root, James Donald / Jones, Craig Alan / Crahan, Michael Shawn / Taylor, Corey Todd
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing