50 Cent's a Clown
by Lil Wayne

Understand that your boy is a man so anything go down he has lives in his hand yup yup,
I'll chase u in a truck wish a nigga good luck and you look in the window it's me and young buck haha
yall know me a champion is what I am ya'll know i'm the man no such thing as peace when your fucking with me you will get touch and you turn to dust .
Cash money we dangerous no time for your shit ,Ya'll lovin everything we spit so grab some grass and lets get lit.
As important as the sun yup I'm the son running for president the funs just begun.
I keep my doe everybody know ,all thanks to my doe ,stay getting hoes credit to my flow.
New Orleans nigga we never going down, fuck gov. regan we run the town. When you see me in the club say what's up nigga don't try no stupid shit I don't care if you on that liquor.You asking for the best I shall deliver Your asking for a challenge i'll give you a shiver.
I'm the man girls want to see and nigga's want to be.
LOOK 9:45 on the dot got my top dropped,dropped top ,better knock or you willl get knocked .
Got my Game on lock got the top spot,as long as i'm alive i'll never drop.who are you I care not .
Who am I wezzy baby ft. DTC I'll hit a nigga in his head make him see 3,not C3 as in carter 3 but that's hot too we real in the building how about you. DTC is the name hiphop is back guess I'm the one to blame ,ya'll nigga's lame ya'll nigga's soft that's a dame shame
I'm tring to telll ya'll nigga's think you so hard then pull the trigga .Okay you pulled that trigga big deal just one less nigga.
Sugar ass nigga sweat as snigga I can't make my own beat ass nigga.OH and what's a goon to a goblin.LIke I said ya'll nigga's aint a problem.
What up The Kid, see you Kortney haha,what up Chris breezy, bow wezzy, Ross what up Errol, Gregory Darrin,Ronald aka young pain.Trying to tell these nigga's Cashmoney Young Money The Empire all Day,look for that carter 3.Birdman is my mutha fuckin daddy Bitch What you say bout it.
Lyrics submitted by Damon.