12 Play
by R. Kelly

1 we'll go to my room for fun
2 then i'll say give me your tounge
3 cause tonight i'm gonna fulfill your fantasies (yeah)
4 lie down on the floor
5 can not wait to cum inside
6 anything that's broken i'll fix
7 spread your legs apart
8 feel me i'm so hard
9 see i want you from behind, skip the bump in grind
10 baby climb on top of me
11 Up and down we'll go to sea
12 and that's when i go, down on my knees, giving you some of my 12 play
give em a lil 12(just), just a lil 12, a sample of my 12 play ( oh yeah)
well is moring, noon, or night i can make you fell allright sing it babe (12 play)
12 ways, 12 ways to love you babe(12 play, give em a lil 12 play, just a lil 12 play
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